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Top 10 Cricket Stadiums In The World

10) Newlands, Cape Town (South Africa)
Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. Newlands is what one can call ‘breathtaking’ with the view of the Table Mountain surrounding the stadium being magnificent. In sunshine, it looks as if one has landed in paradise to watch a game of cricket in relaxation as he sits down on one of the 25,000 white seats in the ground. While if cloudy, it becomes foggy but it remains a pretty view to the naked eye and the weather gets cooler, which makes it more fun to sit and watch the game.
 Newlands, Cape Town (South Africa)

 Newlands, Cape Town (South Africa)

9) The Wanderers, Johannesburg (South Africa)
The Wanderers, Johannesburg (South Africa)

8) Kensington Oval, Barbados (West Indies)
Formerly known as the Pickwick Cricket Club, the Kensington Oval is a stadium situated in the west of the city Bridgetown which is the capital city of the island of Barbados. It has been existent since the last 130 years although the first Test match played here was between West Indies and England in January 1930. After its reconstruction for the 2007 50-over World Cup, its seating capacity has been increased to 28,000. 
Kensington Oval, Barbados (West Indies)

7) The WACA, Perth (Australia)
It is owned and operated by the Western Australian Cricket Association. Fascinatingly, the WACA was built on an old swamp land yet it has been the home to many sports which include AFL, rugby and football, but it is the most popular as a cricket ground.

It has a capacity of 22,000, although it can be raised to 24,500 with the use of temporary stands. All those people present on the ground would be the luckiest enough to witness ‘real’ fast bowling. The WACA is the most renowned for the fact that it has always been the fastest pitch in the world, as the quality of the pitch alongside the sea breeze called as Fremantle Doctor also helps fast bowlers in bringing out swing, even if the wicket has flattened out. This means that batsmen can be caught off guard any time on such a pitch.

The WACA, Perth (Australia)

6) Old Trafford, Manchester (England)
The ground’s name is the same as the football one which is the home ground to the popular club, Manchester United. But the cricket ground is different, as it is at a distance of five minutes. It was established as early as in 1857, but the first Test match played here was in 1884 between England and Australia.

Having a capacity of 19000, it is the third ground in the country of England to host the most number of Test matches, after Lords and the Oval since it has hosted as many as 73 Tests. 

Old Trafford, Manchester (England)

5) Eden Gardens, Kolkata (India)
Founded in 1864, the Eden Gardens is India’s answer to the MCG. The stadium is located in the Binoy Badal Dinesh Bag area of the city, near the State Secretariat and the High Court and has hosted 37 Test matches and 25 one-day internationals in its cricketing history. It first hosted a Test match in 1934 against England, led by Douglas Jardine which would go on to win inside four days. While it’s first ODI was the 1987 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, which appropriately the then-defending champions and hosts India won by 2 wickets.
Eden Gardens, Kolkata (India)

4) Oval, London (England)
The Oval, this ground is one of the most breathtaking in England. As the name suggests, it resembles the ‘oval’ shape which is a rarity for a cricket ground which is frequently more circular in shape. It is this ground which has been a source of inspiration for the construction of other grounds across the world in a similar style of architecture, to make it look attractive. It has a capacity of 23,500.
Oval, London (England)

3) Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney (Australia)
Established in 1848, the Sydney Cricket Ground has a capacity of 46,000 making it have a huge seating capacity to make people watch cricket and cheer their respective teams irrespective of wherever they are seated on the ground.
It is situated in Moore Park in the east of Sydney. The Sydney Cricket Ground is not only one of the world’s most famous cricketing venues but also for Australian Rules football and some rugby league football played throughout the year.

Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney (Australia)

2) Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne (Australia)
The MCG is the largest cricket ground in the world, founded in 1854 with a capacity of 100,000 people and a playing area 172.9 m long and 147.8 m wide. It holds several other records such as being the tenth largest sports stadium in the world and having the highest light towers at any sporting venue.

The ‘G’ as it is affectionately called by the people of Melbourne, has hosted the 1956 Olympic games and the 2006 Commonwealth Games apart from cricket and Australian rules football matches, which are played in the winter season.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne (Australia)
In short, it is a striking ground: the three-tiered Great Southern Stand (which was completed in 1992) limits the perimeter of 50% of the ground and holds close to 50,000 people; there are also huge banks of seating in the Ponsford Stand, Olympic Stand and Members’ Reserve. It is also supplied with a Gallery of Sport, two giant electronic scoreboards, and a wide range of corporate and media facilities.

Incidentally, it is this very ground that has had the privilege of hosting the first ever Test match, i.e. in 1877 when Australia played England and the first ever ODI match, i.e., in 1971 with the teams being the same. Fittingly, Australia won both those matches. It also hosted the 1992 World Cup final between Pakistan and England, which Pakistan went on to win. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne (Australia)

1) Lord’s Cricket Ground, London (England) 
Located in the area of St. John’s Wood in North London, the Lord’s Cricket Ground is definitely one of the finest cricket stadiums in the world. Also known as the ‘Home of Cricket’, Lord’s was once the centre of the cricketing globe, since most of the administrative decisions courtesy the ICC having its headquarters here until 2005, were taken on the premises of this very ground.

For a spectator, there is some aura in the ground the moment you enter it. It is definitely a must see venue atleast once in your lifetime. Besides on the ground, there are 30,000 seats in total and has a peculiar slope which makes a long boundary and causes appreciable deviation in bounce of the ball on the pitch, making it easier to move the ball in to right-handed batsmen when bowling from the Pavilion End, and easier to move it away when bowling from the Nursery End.

Lord’s Cricket Ground, London (England)

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