Monday, 16 July 2012

London Olympic Stadium 2012

London has hosted the Olympics twice in the past (1908 and 1948) . Winning this privilege for the third time this 2012 , London becomes the first City host the Modern Olmpics for more than twice.

Having said that, What is in the waiting for such a Coloasal Carnival..?

First of all, The Olympic Stadium in London is by no means a show stopper. It is modest, and nowhere near as astounding as the "Bird's Nest" of the Beijing Games.

In this hyper imaginative modern era one would expect the Great Olympic Stadium to be a lot more attractive.

At a cost of 486 million pounds (720 million francs), it was designed as a modular structure so that they can be reused after the Games. Its upper floor, made of steel and concrete houses and 55 000 temporary seats can be dismantled in order to reduce the total capacity of 80 000 to 25 000 seats.

Here is a Glimpse of the London Olmpic Stadium 2012:

It’s the venue for the Athletics and Paralympic Athletics events at the London 2012 Games, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Stadium is on an ‘island’ site, surrounded by waterways on three sides so spectators will have to walk across one of five bridges to reach the venue.
It has superb 400m running track; There are changing rooms, Medical support facilities and an 80m warm-up track.


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